Luke Plant committed 2b9a42c

Fixed a typo, added a comment

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         return date_choice_counts
     def bridge_choices(self, chosen, choices):
+        # Returns FILTER_DISPLAY type choices to bridge from what is chosen
+        # (which might be nothing) to the first 'add' link, to give context to
+        # the link.
         if len(choices) == 0:
             return []
         if len(chosen) == 0:


         self.assertEqual(choices[2].link_type, FILTER_DISPLAY)
         self.assertEqual(choices[2].label, str(qs[0]
-    def test_datetime_filter_select_year_dsiplay_month(self):
+    def test_datetime_filter_select_year_display_month(self):
         # Tests that if a year is selected, and only one thing matches,
         # the month should be displayed in 'display' mode.
         qs = Book.objects.filter(id=1)
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