Luke Plant committed 5742a1e

Simplified Filter internal API and gave ForeignKeyFilter a choice_from_param method consistent with other filters

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         chosen = self.chosen
         choices = []
         for choice in chosen:
-            display_obj = self.display_object_from_choice(choice)
-            if display_obj is None:
-                continue
-            choices.append(FilterChoice(self.render_choice_object(display_obj),
+            choices.append(FilterChoice(self.render_choice_object(choice),
                                         None, # Don't need count for removing
         return choices
-    def display_object_from_choice(self, choice):
-        """
-        Converts a raw 'choice' (derived from the query string)
-        into an object that will be displayed.
-        The 'choice' object passed could be a string, but some subclasses
-        convert to a more convenient type of object.
-        This method allows subclasses to do expensive conversion work (e.g. that
-        requires a DB lookup).
-        If it returns 'None', the 'remove' link will not be displayed.
-        """
-        return choice
     def render_choice_object(self, choice_obj):
         Converts an object that is available for choosing (that usually is the
         out = []
         for i, choice in enumerate(chosen):
             to_remove = [c for c in chosen if c >= choice]
-            display_obj = self.display_object_from_choice(choice)
-            if display_obj is None:
-                continue
-            out.append(FilterChoice(self.render_choice_object(display_obj),
+            out.append(FilterChoice(self.render_choice_object(choice),
     Filter for ForeignKey fields.
-    def display_object_from_choice(self, choice):
-        lookup = { choice}
+    def choice_from_param(self, param):
+        choice_pk = super(ForeignKeyFilter, self).choice_from_param(param)
+        lookup = { choice_pk}
             obj = self.rel_model.objects.get(**lookup)
         except self.rel_model.DoesNotExist:
-            return None
+            raise ValueError("object does not exist in DB")
         return obj
     def get_choices_add(self, qs):
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