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 The fabfile assumes:
-- you are using Django 1.3 or greater
+- you are using Django 1.4 or greater
 - you have your development environment already setup, including
   having 'fabric' installed.
   - Python is installed
-  - A webserver for your Django app is installed and configured.
 - use of virtualenv to isolate the environment. You will need to have virtualenv
   available on your server. For maximum isolation, virtualenv is run with
     - myproject/
+    - myproject/
     - myapp/
     - etc.
 - loads the correct when run on the server.
 - use of a pip 'requirements.txt' for installation of Python packages, in the
-  same directory as the fabfile. It should contain at least Django and south.
+  same directory as the fabfile. It should contain at least:
+  * Django
+  * south
+  * gunicorn
 - use of Mercurial for source control, requiring hg to be installed on
   your server. (This could be easily modified to use git).
 Use 'fab -l' to see other commands