Jesper Nøhr committed 377a6fc

fixes 2.6 exception compat in, fixes #22, thanks softwaremaven

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 # Generic exception class
 class OAuthError(RuntimeError):
+    def get_message(self): 
+        return self._message
+    def set_message(self, message): 
+        self._message = message
+    message = property(get_message, set_message)
     def __init__(self, message='OAuth error occured.'):
         self.message = message
 # optional WWW-Authenticate header (401 error)
 def build_authenticate_header(realm=''):
-    return {'WWW-Authenticate': 'OAuth realm="%s"' % realm}
+    return { 'WWW-Authenticate': 'OAuth realm="%s"' % realm }
 # url escape
 def escape(s):
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