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 for some additional detail on this problem.
-.. _advanaced-label-formats:
+.. _advanced-label-formats:
 Label Formats on the Client Side
     :param item: An item from the search results.
     :return: A string representation of the item to be shown in the search results.
         The label can include HTML. For changing the label format on the client side
-        see :ref:`Advanaced Label Formats <advanaced-label-formats>`.
+        see :ref:`Advanced Label Formats <advanced-label-formats>`.
 .. py:method:: LookupBase.get_item_id(item)


 - Multiple search fields for :ref:`model based lookups <ModelLookup>`
 - Support for :ref:`highlighting term matches <javascript-highlightMatch>`
 - Support for HTML in :ref:`result labels <lookup-get-item-label>`
-- Support for :ref:`client side formatting <advanaced-label-formats>`
+- Support for :ref:`client side formatting <advanced-label-formats>`
 - Additional documentation
 - Expanded examples in example project


 ``formatLabel`` is a function that is run prior to rendering the search results in
 the dropdown menu. It takes two arguments: the current item label and the item data
 dictionary. It should return the label which should be used. For more information
-on its usage see :ref:`Label Formats on the Client Side <advanaced-label-formats>`.
+on its usage see :ref:`Label Formats on the Client Side <advanced-label-formats>`.
 Default: ``null``
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