Luke Plant committed 440badf

Fixed a Django 1.5 compatibility issue with json/simplejson

In particular, this fixes the error "__init__() got an unexpected keyword
argument 'namedtuple_as_object'" that appears with Django 1.5.

simplejson and json are not entirely compatible in all versions. Python 2.6
and greater ships json anyway, so avoiding simplejson fixes the problem.

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 "Base classes for lookup creation."
+import json
 import operator
 import re
 from django.core.serializers.json import DjangoJSONEncoder
 from django.http import HttpResponse
 from django.db.models import Q
-from django.utils import simplejson as json
 from django.utils.encoding import smart_unicode
 from django.utils.html import conditional_escape
 from django.utils.translation import ugettext as _