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Adding docs and release notes. Fixes #42.

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 use of jQuery.
+.. _additional-parameters:
 Additional Parameters
                 super(FruitForm, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
                 self.fields['autocomplete'].widget.update_query_parameters({'foo': 'bar'})
+.. versionadded:: 0.4
+You can also pass the query parameters into the widget using the ``query_params``
+keyword argument. It depends on your use case as to whether the parameters are
+know when the form is defined or when an instance of the form is created.
 .. _client-side-parameters:

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 - Better compatibility with :ref:`AutoCompleteSelectWidget`/:ref:`AutoComboboxSelectWidget` and Django's ModelChoiceField
+- Easier passing of query parameters. See the :ref:`Additional Parameters <additional-parameters>` section
 v0.3.0 (Released 2012-02-15)

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 Below are the custom widgets defined by Django-Selectable. All widgets take the 
 lookup class as the first required argument.
+.. versionadded:: 0.4
+These widgets all support a ``query_params`` keyword argument which is used to pass
+additional query parameters to the lookup search. See the section on 
+:ref:`Adding Parameters on the Server Side <server-side-parameters>` for more
 .. _AutoCompleteWidget: