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[1.2.X] Expanded InlineModelAdmin documentation a bit. Partial backport of [14882].

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         .. versionadded:: 1.2
         ``fields`` can contain values defined in
-        :attr:`ModelAdmin.readonly_fields` to be displayed as read-only.
+        :attr:`~ModelAdmin.readonly_fields` to be displayed as read-only.
     * ``classes``
         A list containing extra CSS classes to apply to the fieldset.
 .. attribute:: ModelAdmin.ordering
-Set ``ordering`` to specify how objects on the admin change list page should be
-ordered. This should be a list or tuple in the same format as a model's
-``ordering`` parameter.
+Set ``ordering`` to specify how lists of objects should be ordered in the
+Django admin views. This should be a list or tuple in the same format as a
+model's ``ordering`` parameter.
 If this isn't provided, the Django admin will use the model's default ordering.
 ``InlineModelAdmin`` options
-The ``InlineModelAdmin`` class is a subclass of ``ModelAdmin`` so it inherits
-all the same functionality as well as some of its own:
+``InlineModelAdmin`` shares many of the same features as ``ModelAdmin``, and
+adds some of its own (the shared features are actually defined in the
+``BaseModelAdmin`` superclass). The shared features are:
+- :attr:`~InlineModelAdmin.form`
+- :attr:`~ModelAdmin.fieldsets`
+- :attr:`~ModelAdmin.fields`
+- :attr:`~ModelAdmin.exclude`
+- :attr:`~ModelAdmin.filter_horizontal`
+- :attr:`~ModelAdmin.filter_vertical`
+- :attr:`~ModelAdmin.prepopulated_fields`
+- :attr:`~ModelAdmin.radio_fields`
+- :attr:`~InlineModelAdmin.raw_id_fields`
+.. versionadded:: 1.1
+- :meth:`~ModelAdmin.formfield_for_foreignkey`
+- :meth:`~ModelAdmin.formfield_for_manytomany`
+.. versionadded:: 1.2
+- :attr:`~ModelAdmin.readonly_fields`
+- :attr:`~ModelAdmin.formfield_overrides`
+The ``InlineModelAdmin`` class adds:
 .. attribute:: InlineModelAdmin.model
 .. attribute:: InlineModelAdmin.extra
     This controls the number of extra forms the formset will display in addition
     to the initial forms. See the
     :doc:`formsets documentation </topics/forms/formsets>` for more information.