Anonymous committed 0459421

0.91-bugfixes: Backport [3066] and some related changes. Refs #1635, #106.

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 function showRelatedObjectLookupPopup(triggeringLink) {
     var name =^lookup_/, '');
+    // IE doesn't like periods in the window name, so convert temporarily.
+    name = name.replace(/\./g, '___');
     var href;
     if (\?/) >= 0) {
         href = triggeringLink.href + '&pop=1';
 function dismissRelatedLookupPopup(win, chosenId) {
+    var name =, '.');
     var elem = document.getElementById(;
     if (elem.className.indexOf('vRawIdAdminField') != -1 && elem.value) {
         elem.value += ',' + chosenId;
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