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Added a lower level test for numberformat when grouping is 0 and force_grouping is True. Thanks Claude Paroz. Refs #17414.

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File tests/regressiontests/i18n/

             self.assertEqual(u'-66666.6', nformat(-66666.666, decimal_sep='.', decimal_pos=1))
             self.assertEqual(u'-66666.0', nformat(int('-66666'), decimal_sep='.', decimal_pos=1))
             self.assertEqual(u'10000.0', nformat(self.l, decimal_sep='.', decimal_pos=1))
+            # This unusual grouping/force_grouping combination may be triggered by the intcomma filter (#17414)
+            self.assertEqual(u'10000', nformat(self.l, decimal_sep='.', decimal_pos=0, grouping=0, force_grouping=True))
             # date filter
             self.assertEqual(u'31.12.2009 в 20:50', Template('{{ dt|date:"d.m.Y в H:i" }}').render(self.ctxt))