Luke Plant avatar Luke Plant committed 11902ca

Corrected 'name' of functions wrapped with method_decorator

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         return wraps(func)(_wrapper)
     update_wrapper(_dec, decorator)
     # Change the name to aid debugging.
-    _dec.__name__ = 'method_dec(%s)' % decorator.__name__
+    _dec.__name__ = 'method_decorator(%s)' % decorator.__name__
     return _dec
     return make_middleware_decorator(middleware_class)()
 def available_attrs(fn):
     Return the list of functools-wrappable attributes on a callable.
     return tuple(a for a in WRAPPER_ASSIGNMENTS if hasattr(fn, a))
 def make_middleware_decorator(middleware_class):
     def _make_decorator(*m_args, **m_kwargs):
         middleware = middleware_class(*m_args, **m_kwargs)
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