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[1.3.X] Fixes #16532 -- Clearer explanation of how the test client expects HTTP headers to be passed. Thanks for the patch, Ricardo Bánffy.

Backport of r16554 from trunk.

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File docs/topics/testing.txt

         details view, which is a good way to test code paths that use the
         :meth:`django.http.HttpRequest.is_ajax()` method.
+        .. admonition:: CGI specification
+            The headers sent via ``**extra`` should follow CGI_ specification.
+            For example, emulating a different "Host" header as sent in the
+            HTTP request from the browser to the server should be passed
+            as ``HTTP_HOST``. 
+            .. _CGI:
         If you already have the GET arguments in URL-encoded form, you can
         use that encoding instead of using the data argument. For example,
         the previous GET request could also be posed as::