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Formatted docs/release_notes_0.95.txt in our ReST format, with titles

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+Django version 0.95 release notes
 Welcome to the Django 0.95 release.
 This represents a significant advance in Django development since the 0.91
 too extensive to list in full, but a summary is presented below.
 Suitability and API stability
 This release is intended to provide a stable reference point for developers
 wanting to work on production-level applications that use Django.
 was between 0.91 and 0.95.
 Changes and new features
 The major changes in this release (for developers currently using the 0.91
 release) are a result of merging the 'magic-removal' branch of development.
 .. _checklist: http://code.djangoproject.com/wiki/MagicRemovalCheatSheet1
 Problem reports and getting help
 Need help resolving a problem with Django? The documentation in the
 distribution is also available online_ at the `Django website`_. The FAQ_