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Cleaned up some tests I broke as a result of the escapejs changes in [8577].

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File tests/regressiontests/defaultfilters/

 u'Hello world'
 >>> escapejs(u'"double quotes" and \'single quotes\'')
-u'\\"double quotes\\" and \\\'single quotes\\\''
+u'\\x22double quotes\\x22 and \\x27single quotes\\x27'
 >>> escapejs(ur'\ : backslashes, too')
-u'\\\\ : backslashes, too'
+u'\\x5C : backslashes, too'
 >>> escapejs(u'and lots of whitespace: \r\n\t\v\f\b')
-u'and lots of whitespace: \\r\\n\\t\\v\\f\\b'
+u'and lots of whitespace: \\x0D\\x0A\\x09\\x0B\\x0C\\x08'
 >>> escapejs(ur'<script>and this</script>')
-u'<script>and this<\\/script>'
+u'\\x3Cscript\\x3Eand this\\x3C/script\\x3E'
 >>> fix_ampersands(u'Jack & Jill & Jeroboam')
 u'Jack &amp; Jill &amp; Jeroboam'