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[1.0.X] Updated svnmerge metadata and added myself to committers (r9416 from trunk).

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     * Robert Wittams
     * Gary Wilson
     * Brian Rosner
+    * Karen Tracey
 More information on the main contributors to Django can be found in
     Tom Tobin
     Joe Topjian <>
-    Karen Tracey <>
     Jeff Triplett <>
     Makoto Tsuyuki <>

File docs/internals/committers.txt

     In early 2007, Gary started contributing a lot of cleanup fixes and fixing
     broken windows. He's continued to do that necessary tidying up work
     throughout the code base since then.
+Karen Tracey
+    Karen has a background in distributed operating systems (graduate school),
+    communications software (industry) and crossword puzzle construction 
+    (freelance).  The last of these brought her to Django, in late 2006, when
+    she set out to put a web front-end on her crossword puzzle database.  
+    That done, she stuck around in the community answering questions, debugging
+    problems, etc. -- because coding puzzles are as much fun as word puzzles.
+    Karen lives in Apex, NC, USA.