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[soc2010/app-loading] store normalized version of INSTALLED_APPS in appcache

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         # List of App instances
         app_instances = [],
+        # Normalized list of INSTALLED_APPS
+        # This stores the module name of settings.INSTALLED_APPS
+        # e.g. 'django.contrib.auth' for 'django.contrib.auth.AuthApp'
+        installed_apps = [],
         # Mapping of app_labels to a dictionary of model names to model code.
         app_models = SortedDict(),
         app_instance = self.find_app(app_name)
         if not app_instance:
             if '.' in app_name:
+                # get the app label from the full path
                 app_instance_name = app_name.rsplit('.', 1)[1]
                 app_instance_name = app_name
             app_instance = app_class(app_instance_name)
+            self.installed_apps.append(app_name)
         # check if the app instance specifies a path to models
         # if not, we use the file from the package dir


         # because thread.RLock is un(deep)copyable
         cache.app_models = SortedDict()
         cache.app_instances = []
+        cache.installed_apps = []
         cache.loaded = False
         cache.handled = {}
         self.assertRaises(ImportError, cache.load_app, 'garageland')
+    def test_installed_apps(self):
+        """
+        Test that the installed_apps attribute is populated correctly
+        """
+        settings.INSTALLED_APPS = ('model_app', 'nomodel_app.MyApp',)
+        # populate cache
+        cache.get_app_errors()
+        self.assertEqual(cache.installed_apps, ['model_app', 'nomodel_app',])
 class RegisterModelsTests(AppCacheTestCase):
     """Tests for the register_models function"""
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