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[1.1.X] Fixed #12001 -- Modified the example of form validation to use the form's error class, rather than assuming ErrorList. Thanks to Suor for the report, and timo for the patch.

Backport of r13221 from trunk.

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File docs/ref/forms/validation.txt

 effectively in your particular situation. Our new code (replacing the previous
 sample) looks like this::
-    from django.forms.util import ErrorList
     class ContactForm(forms.Form):
         # Everything as before.
                 # We know these are not in self._errors now (see discussion
                 # below).
                 msg = u"Must put 'help' in subject when cc'ing yourself."
-                self._errors["cc_myself"] = ErrorList([msg])
-                self._errors["subject"] = ErrorList([msg])
+                self._errors["cc_myself"] = self.error_class([msg])
+                self._errors["subject"] = self.error_class([msg])
                 # These fields are no longer valid. Remove them from the
                 # cleaned data.