Anonymous committed 34cf6f0

[1.2.X] Ensure render_to_string leaves the context instance stack in the state it was originally passed in.

Backport of r15591 from trunk.

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         t = select_template(template_name)
         t = get_template(template_name)
-    if context_instance:
-        context_instance.update(dictionary)
-    else:
-        context_instance = Context(dictionary)
-    return t.render(context_instance)
+    if not context_instance:
+        return t.render(Context(dictionary))
+    # Add the dictionary to the context stack, ensuring it gets removed again
+    # to keep the context_instance in the same state it started in.
+    context_instance.update(dictionary)
+    try:
+        return t.render(context_instance)
+    finally:
+        context_instance.pop()
 def select_template(template_name_list):
     "Given a list of template names, returns the first that can be loaded."


         # The two templates should not have the same content
         self.assertNotEqual(t1.render(Context({})), t2.render(Context({})))
+class RenderToStringTest(unittest.TestCase):
+    def setUp(self):
+        self._old_TEMPLATE_DIRS = settings.TEMPLATE_DIRS
+        settings.TEMPLATE_DIRS = (
+            os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'templates'),
+        )
+    def tearDown(self):
+        settings.TEMPLATE_DIRS = self._old_TEMPLATE_DIRS
+    def test_basic(self):
+        self.assertEqual(loader.render_to_string('test_context.html'), 'obj:')
+    def test_basic_context(self):
+        self.assertEqual(loader.render_to_string('test_context.html',
+                                                 {'obj': 'test'}), 'obj:test')
+    def test_existing_context_kept_clean(self):
+        context = Context({'obj': 'before'})
+        output = loader.render_to_string('test_context.html', {'obj': 'after'},
+                                         context_instance=context)
+        self.assertEqual(output, 'obj:after')
+        self.assertEqual(context['obj'], 'before')
 if __name__ == "__main__":


+obj:{{ obj }}
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