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[1.0.X] Fixed #9472 -- Fixed a couple of URL patterns to be more consistent (and remove a misleading initial slash). Thanks, daveyjoe.

Backport of r9471 from trunk.

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 optional extra arguments dictionary. For example::
     urlpatterns = patterns('',
-        url(r'/index/$', index_view, name="main-view"),
+        url(r'^index/$', index_view, name="main-view"),
     urlpatterns = patterns('',
-        (r'/archive/(\d{4})/$', archive),
-        (r'/archive-summary/(\d{4})/$', archive, {'summary': True}),
+        (r'^archive/(\d{4})/$', archive),
+        (r'^archive-summary/(\d{4})/$', archive, {'summary': True}),
 This is completely valid, but it leads to problems when you try to do reverse
 Here's the above example, rewritten to use named URL patterns::
     urlpatterns = patterns('',
-        url(r'/archive/(\d{4})/$', archive, name="full-archive"),
-        url(r'/archive-summary/(\d{4})/$', archive, {'summary': True}, "arch-summary"),
+        url(r'^archive/(\d{4})/$', archive, name="full-archive"),
+        url(r'^archive-summary/(\d{4})/$', archive, {'summary': True}, "arch-summary"),
 With these names in place (``full-archive`` and ``arch-summary``), you can