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0.91-bugfixes: fix lookup kwarg corruption in certain types of one-to-one listings. Thanks Tom Tobin for finally figuring this one out

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File django/core/meta/

                 # Sanity check -- Make sure the "parent" object exists.
                 # For example, make sure the Place exists for the Restaurant.
                 # Let the ObjectDoesNotExist exception propagate up.
-                lookup_kwargs = opts.one_to_one_field.rel.limit_choices_to
+                lookup_kwargs = opts.one_to_one_field.rel.limit_choices_to.copy()
                 lookup_kwargs['%s__exact' % opts.one_to_one_field.rel.field_name] = obj_key
                 _ =**lookup_kwargs)
                 params = dict([(f.attname, f.get_default()) for f in opts.fields])