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File docs/ref/forms/fields.txt

 instead of ``None`` in the development version.
 .. note::
     Since all ``Field`` subclasses have ``required=True`` by default, the
     validation condition here is important. If you want to include a checkbox
     in your form that can be either checked or unchecked, you must remember to
 .. attribute:: CharField.max_length
 .. attribute:: CharField.min_length
     If provided, these arguments ensure that the string is at most or at least
     the given length.
 Takes one extra required argument:
 .. attribute:: ChoiceField.choices
     An iterable (e.g., a list or tuple) of 2-tuples to use as choices for this
 Takes one optional argument:
 .. attribute:: DateField.input_formats
     A list of formats used to attempt to convert a string to a valid
     ```` object.
 Takes one optional argument:
 .. attribute:: DateTimeField.input_formats
     A list of formats used to attempt to convert a string to a valid
     ``datetime.datetime`` object.
 .. attribute:: DecimalField.max_value
 .. attribute:: DecimalField.min_value
     These attributes define the limits for the fields value.
 .. attribute:: DecimalField.max_digits
     The maximum number of digits (those before the decimal point plus those
     after the decimal point, with leading zeros stripped) permitted in the
 .. attribute:: DecimalField.decimal_places
     The maximum number of decimal places permitted.
 extra arguments; only ``path`` is required:
 .. attribute:: FilePathField.path
     The absolute path to the directory whose contents you want listed. This
     directory must exist.
 .. attribute:: FilePathField.recursive
     If ``False`` (the default) only the direct contents of ``path`` will be
     offered as choices. If ``True``, the directory will be descended into
     recursively and all descendants will be listed as choices.
 .. attribute:: FilePathField.match
     A regular expression pattern; only files with names matching this expression
     will be allowed as choices.
 .. attribute:: IntegerField.max_value
 .. attribute:: IntegerField.min_value
     These control the range of values permitted in the field.
 Takes one required argument:
-.. attribute:: RegexField.regex``
+.. attribute:: RegexField.regex
     A regular expression specified either as a string or a compiled regular
     expression object.
 Takes one optional argument:
 .. attribute:: TimeField.input_formats
     A list of formats used to attempt to convert a string to a valid
     ``datetime.time`` object.
 .. attribute:: URLField.max_length
 .. attribute:: URLField.min_length
     Same as ``CharField.max_length`` and ``CharField.min_length``.
 .. attribute:: URLField.verify_exists
     If ``True``, the validator will attempt to load the given URL, raising
     ``ValidationError`` if the page gives a 404. Defaults to ``False``.
 .. attribute:: URLField.validator_user_agent
     String used as the user-agent used when checking for a URL's existence.
     Defaults to the value of the ``URL_VALIDATOR_USER_AGENT`` setting.
 additional required argument:
 .. attribute:: ModelChoiceField.queryset
     A ``QuerySet`` of model objects from which the choices for the
     field will be derived, and which will be used to validate the
     user's selection.

File docs/ref/settings.txt