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Fixed #17068 - Documented that documentation fixes will be more freely backported.

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File docs/internals/release-process.txt

 * Security fixes will be applied to the current trunk and the previous two
   minor releases.
+* Documentation fixes will generally be more freely backported to the last
+  release branch (at the discretion of the committer), and don't need to meet
+  the "critical fixes only" bar as it's highly advantageous to have the docs
+  for the last release be up-to-date and correct, and the downside of
+  backporting (risk of introducing regressions) is much less of a concern
+  with doc fixes.
 As a concrete example, consider a moment in time halfway between the release of
 Django 1.3 and 1.4. At this point in time:
   ``1.2.X`` branch. They will trigger the release of ``1.3.1``, ``1.2.1``,
+* Documentation fixes will be applied to trunk, and if easily backported, to
+  the ``1.3.X`` branch.
 .. _release-process:
 Release process