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unicode: A different version of [5532], based on feedback from Windows users
in far away countries.

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File django/utils/

 "Implementation of tzinfo classes for use with datetime.datetime."
+import locale
 import time
 from datetime import timedelta, tzinfo
 from django.utils.encoding import smart_unicode
+DEFAULT_ENCODING = locale.getdefaultlocale()[1]
 class FixedOffset(tzinfo):
     "Fixed offset in minutes east from UTC."
     def __init__(self, offset):
     "Proxy timezone information from time module."
     def __init__(self, dt):
         tzinfo.__init__(self, dt)
-        self._tzname = smart_unicode(time.tzname[self._isdst(dt)])
+        self._tzname = self.tzname(dt)
     def __repr__(self):
         return self._tzname
             return timedelta(0)
     def tzname(self, dt):
-        return unicode(time.tzname[self._isdst(dt)])
+        try:
+            return smart_unicode(time.tzname[self._isdst(dt)], DEFAULT_ENCODING)
+        except UnicodeDecodeError:
+            return None
     def _isdst(self, dt):
         tt = (dt.year, dt.month,, dt.hour, dt.minute, dt.second, dt.weekday(), 0, -1)