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[1.1.X] Fixed security issue in AdminFileWidget. Release and disclosure forthcoming.

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         output = []
         if value and hasattr(value, "url"):
             output.append('%s <a target="_blank" href="%s">%s</a> <br />%s ' % \
-                (_('Currently:'), value.url, value, _('Change:')))
+                (_('Currently:'), escape(value.url), escape(value), _('Change:')))
         output.append(super(AdminFileWidget, self).render(name, value, attrs))
         return mark_safe(u''.join(output))


             'Select a valid choice. That choice is not one of the available choices.')
+class AdminFileWidgetTest(DjangoTestCase):
+    def test_render_escapes_html(self):
+        class StrangeFieldFile(object):
+            url = "something?chapter=1&sect=2&copy=3&lang=en"
+            def __unicode__(self):
+                return u'''something<div onclick="alert('oops')">.jpg'''
+        widget = widgets.AdminFileWidget()
+        field = StrangeFieldFile()
+        output = widget.render('myfile', field)
+        self.assertFalse(field.url in output)
+        self.assertTrue(u'href="something?chapter=1&amp;sect=2&amp;copy=3&amp;lang=en"' in output)
+        self.assertFalse(unicode(field) in output)
+        self.assertTrue(u'something&lt;div onclick=&quot;alert(&#39;oops&#39;)&quot;&gt;.jpg' in output)
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