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[1.2.X] Fixed #15364 -- Ensure files are closed correctly during file tests. Thanks to Mila for the report and patch.

Backport of r15604 from trunk.

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File tests/modeltests/files/

         self.assertEqual(, "tests/django_test.txt")
         self.assertEqual(obj1.normal.size, 7)
         self.assertEqual(, "content")
+        obj1.normal.close()
         # File objects can be assigned to FileField attributes, but shouldn't
         # get committed until the model it's attached to is saved.
         self.assertEqual(, "con")
         self.assertEqual(, "tent")
         self.assertEqual(list(obj1.normal.chunks(chunk_size=2)), ["co", "nt", "en", "t"])
+        obj1.normal.close()
         # Save another file with the same name.
         obj2 = Storage()
         obj3 = Storage.objects.create()
         self.assertEqual(, "tests/default.txt")
         self.assertEqual(, "default content")
+        obj3.default.close()
         # But it shouldn't be deleted, even if there are no more objects using
         # it.
         obj3 = Storage()
         self.assertEqual(, "default content")
+        obj3.default.close()
         # Verify the fix for #5655, making sure the directory is only
         # determined once.