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[1.1.X] Fixed #11908 -- Clarified the role and usage of the ManagementForm in formsets. Thanks to timo for the draft patch.

Backport of r13222 from trunk.

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 Understanding the ManagementForm
-You may have noticed the additional data that was required in the formset's
-data above. This data is coming from the ``ManagementForm``. This form is
-dealt with internally to the formset. If you don't use it, it will result in
-an exception::
+You may have noticed the additional data (``form-TOTAL_FORMS`` and
+``form-INITIAL_FORMS``) that was required in the formset's data above.
+This data is required for the ``ManagementForm``. This form is used by
+the formset to manage the collection of forms contained in the
+formset. If you don't provide this management data, an exception will
+be raised::
     >>> data = {
     ...     'form-0-title': u'Test',
 you are adding new forms via JavaScript, you should increment the count fields
 in this form as well.
+The management form is available as an attribute of the formset
+itself. When rendering a formset in a template, you can include all
+the management data by rendering ``{{ my_formset.management_form }}``
+(substituting the name of your formset as appropriate).
 .. versionadded:: 1.1
 ``total_form_count`` and ``initial_form_count``