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File django/db/backends/oracle/

     Wrapper object for formatting parameters for Oracle. If the string
     representation of the value is large enough (greater than 4000 characters)
-    the input size needs to be set as NCLOB. Alternatively, if the parameter
+    the input size needs to be set as CLOB. Alternatively, if the parameter
     has an `input_size` attribute, then the value of the `input_size` attribute
     will be used instead. Otherwise, no input size will be set for the
     parameter when executing the query.
             # If parameter has `input_size` attribute, use that.
             self.input_size = param.input_size
         elif isinstance(param, basestring) and len(param) > 4000:
-            # Mark any string param greater than 4000 characters as an NCLOB.
-            self.input_size = Database.NCLOB
+            # Mark any string param greater than 4000 characters as a CLOB.
+            self.input_size = Database.CLOB
             self.input_size = None

File docs/internals/committers.txt

 .. _brian rosner:
 .. _this week in django:
-Gary Wilson
-    In early 2007, Gary started contributing a lot of cleanup fixes and fixing
-    broken windows. He's continued to do that necessary tidying up work
-    throughout the code base since then.
+`Gary Wilson`_
+    Gary starting contributing patches to Django in 2006 while developing Web
+    applications for `The University of Texas`_ (UT).  Since, he has made
+    contributions to the e-mail and forms systems, as well as many other
+    improvements and code cleanups throughout the code base.
+    Gary is currently a developer and software engineering graduate student at
+    UT, where his dedication to spreading the ways of Python and Django never
+    ceases.
+    Gary lives in Austin, Texas, USA.
+.. _Gary Wilson:
+.. _The University of Texas:
 Justin Bronn
     Justin Bronn is a computer scientist and attorney specializing

File tests/regressiontests/backends/

             return True
             return True
+class LongString(unittest.TestCase):
+    def test_long_string(self):
+        # If the backend is Oracle, test that we can save a text longer
+        # than 4000 chars and read it properly
+        if settings.DATABASE_ENGINE == 'oracle':
+            c = connection.cursor()
+            c.execute('CREATE TABLE ltext ("TEXT" NCLOB)')
+            long_str = ''.join([unicode(x) for x in xrange(4000)])
+            c.execute('INSERT INTO ltext VALUES (%s)',[long_str])
+            c.execute('SELECT text FROM ltext')
+            row = c.fetchone()
+            c.execute('DROP TABLE ltext')
+            self.assertEquals(long_str, row[0].read())
 def connection_created_test(sender, **kwargs):
     print 'connection_created signal'