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File django/views/

 def linebreak_iter(template_source):
-    newline_re = re.compile("^", re.M)
-    for match in newline_re.finditer(template_source):
-        yield match.start()
+    p = template_source.find('\n')
+    while p >= 0:
+        yield p
+        p = template_source.find('\n', p+1)
     yield len(template_source) + 1
 def get_template_exception_info(exc_type, exc_value, tb):

File docs/settings.txt

 used so that application data can hook into specific site(s) and a single
 database can manage content for multiple sites.
+Default: ``False``
+**Only available in Django development version.**
+A boolean that turns on/off template debug mode. If this is ``True``, the fancy
+error page will display a detailed report for any ``TemplateSyntaxError``. This
+report contains the relevant snippet of the template, with the appropriate line
+Note that Django only displays fancy error pages if ``DEBUG`` is ``True``, so you'll
+want to set that to take advantage of this setting.
+See also DEBUG.