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gis: Removed the `sites` module and use the `site` instance from `django.contrib.admin` instead.

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File django/contrib/gis/admin/

+# Getting the normal admin routines, classes, and `site` instance.
+from django.contrib.admin import autodiscover, site, StackedInline, TabularInline, HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL
+# Geographic admin options classes and widgets.
 from django.contrib.gis.admin.options import GeoModelAdmin
-from django.contrib.gis.admin.sites import GeoAdminSite, site
 from django.contrib.gis.admin.widgets import OpenLayersWidget

File django/contrib/gis/admin/

-from django.contrib.admin import sites
-from django.contrib.gis.admin.options import GeoModelAdmin
-from django.db.models.loading import get_apps
-class GeoAdminSite(sites.AdminSite):
-    """
-    The GeoAdminSite is overloaded from the AdminSite to provide facilities
-    for editing geographic fields (using the GeoModelAdmin for the options
-    class instead of ModelAdmin).
-    """
-    def register(self, model_or_iterable, admin_class=None, **options):
-        "Overloaded register method that uses GeoModelAdmin."
-        admin_class = admin_class or GeoModelAdmin
-        try:
-            return super(GeoAdminSite, self).register(model_or_iterable, admin_class, **options)
-        except sites.AlreadyRegistered:
-            # Unlike the default behavior in newforms-admin we won't 
-            # raise this exception.
-            pass
-# `site` is an instance of GeoAdminSite
-site = GeoAdminSite()
-# Re-registering models that appear normally in AdminSite with the 
-# GeoAdminSite (if the user has these installed).
-APPS = get_apps()
-# Registering the `auth` Group & User models.
-from django.contrib.auth import models, admin
-if models in APPS:
-    site.register(models.Group, admin.GroupAdmin)
-    site.register(models.User, admin.UserAdmin)
-# Registering the `sites` Site model.
-from django.contrib.sites import models, admin
-if models in APPS:
-    site.register(models.Site, admin.SiteAdmin)