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[1.3.X] Corrected an issue which could allow attackers to manipulate session data using the cache. A security announcement will be made shortly.

Backport of r16759 from trunk.

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 from django.contrib.sessions.backends.base import SessionBase, CreateError
 from django.core.cache import cache
+KEY_PREFIX = "django.contrib.sessions.cache"
 class SessionStore(SessionBase):
     A cache-based session store.
         super(SessionStore, self).__init__(session_key)
     def load(self):
-        session_data = self._cache.get(self.session_key)
+        session_data = self._cache.get(KEY_PREFIX + self.session_key)
         if session_data is not None:
             return session_data
             func = self._cache.add
             func = self._cache.set
-        result = func(self.session_key, self._get_session(no_load=must_create),
+        result = func(KEY_PREFIX + self.session_key, self._get_session(no_load=must_create),
         if must_create and not result:
             raise CreateError
     def exists(self, session_key):
-        if self._cache.has_key(session_key):
+        if self._cache.has_key(KEY_PREFIX + session_key):
             return True
         return False
             if self._session_key is None:
             session_key = self._session_key
-        self._cache.delete(session_key)
+        self._cache.delete(KEY_PREFIX + session_key)


 from django.contrib.sessions.backends.db import SessionStore as DBStore
 from django.core.cache import cache
+KEY_PREFIX = "django.contrib.sessions.cached_db"
 class SessionStore(DBStore):
     Implements cached, database backed sessions.
         super(SessionStore, self).__init__(session_key)
     def load(self):
-        data = cache.get(self.session_key, None)
+        data = cache.get(KEY_PREFIX + self.session_key, None)
         if data is None:
             data = super(SessionStore, self).load()
-            cache.set(self.session_key, data, settings.SESSION_COOKIE_AGE)
+            cache.set(KEY_PREFIX + self.session_key, data, 
+                      settings.SESSION_COOKIE_AGE)
         return data
     def exists(self, session_key):
     def save(self, must_create=False):
         super(SessionStore, self).save(must_create)
-        cache.set(self.session_key, self._session, settings.SESSION_COOKIE_AGE)
+        cache.set(KEY_PREFIX + self.session_key, self._session, 
+                  settings.SESSION_COOKIE_AGE)
     def delete(self, session_key=None):
         super(SessionStore, self).delete(session_key)
-        cache.delete(session_key or self.session_key)
+        cache.delete(KEY_PREFIX + (session_key or self.session_key))
     def flush(self):
-        self.create()
+        self.create()
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