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[1.2.X] Fixed #10420 -- GeoDjango tests are run as part of Django tests when using spatial database backends with ``.

Backport of r15013 from trunk.

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File django/contrib/gis/tests/

     return test_runner.run_tests(test_labels, extra_tests=extra_tests)
-def geo_apps(namespace=True):
+def geo_apps(namespace=True, runtests=False):
     Returns a list of GeoDjango test applications that reside in
     `django.contrib.gis.tests` that can be used with the current
-    if namespace:
+    if runtests:
+        return [('django.contrib.gis.tests', app) for app in apps]
+    elif namespace:
         return ['django.contrib.gis.tests.%s' % app
                 for app in apps]
         return apps
-def geodjango_suite():
+def geodjango_suite(apps=True):
     Returns a TestSuite consisting only of GeoDjango tests that can be run.
     # Finally, adding the suites for each of the GeoDjango test apps.
-    for app_name in geo_apps(namespace=False):
-        suite.addTest(build_suite(get_app(app_name)))
+    if apps:
+        for app_name in geo_apps(namespace=False):
+            suite.addTest(build_suite(get_app(app_name)))
     return suite

File tests/

+def geodjango(settings):
+    # All databases must have spatial backends to run GeoDjango tests.
+    spatial_dbs = [name for name, db_dict in settings.DATABASES.items()
+                   if db_dict['ENGINE'].startswith('django.contrib.gis')]
+    return len(spatial_dbs) == len(settings.DATABASES)
 def get_test_models():
     models = []
     # Load all the test model apps.
     test_labels_set = set([label.split('.')[0] for label in test_labels])
-    for model_dir, model_name in get_test_models():
+    test_models = get_test_models()
+    # If GeoDjango, then we'll want to add in the test applications
+    # that are a part of its test suite.
+    if geodjango(settings):
+        from django.contrib.gis.tests import geo_apps
+        test_models.extend(geo_apps(runtests=True))
+    for model_dir, model_name in test_models:
         model_label = '.'.join([model_dir, model_name])
         # if the model was named on the command line, or
         # no models were named (i.e., run all), import
             except ValueError:
+    # If GeoDjango is used, add it's tests that aren't a part of
+    # an application (e.g., GEOS, GDAL, Distance objects).
+    if geodjango(settings):
+        from django.contrib.gis.tests import geodjango_suite
+        extra_tests.append(geodjango_suite(apps=False))
     # Run the test suite, including the extra validation tests.
     from django.test.utils import get_runner
     if not hasattr(settings, 'TEST_RUNNER'):