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[soc2010/query-refactor] Provide a more useful error message on disjunctions.

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         self.using = using
     def get_filters(self, where):
+        if where.connector != "AND":
+            raise UnsupportedDatabaseOperation("MongoDB only supports joining "
+                "filters with and, not or.")
         assert where.connector == "AND"
         filters = {}
         for child in where.children:


 from django.db import connection, UnsupportedDatabaseOperation
-from django.db.models import Count, Sum, F
+from django.db.models import Count, Sum, F, Q
 from django.test import TestCase
 from models import Artist, Group
             lambda: Artist.objects.aggregate(Count("id"), Count("pk"))
+        self.assert_unsupported(
+            Artist.objects.filter(Q(pk=0) | Q(pk=1))
+        )
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