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magic-removal: Fixed #1644 -- Fixed typo in docs/forms.txt. Thanks, clelland

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File docs/forms.txt

     <h1>Create a place:</h1>
     {% if form.has_errors %}
-    <h2>Please correct the following error{{ errors|pluralize }}:</h2>
+    <h2>Please correct the following error{{ form.error_dict|pluralize }}:</h2>
     {% endif %}
     <form method="post" action=".">
 this gives each field an ``errors`` item (which is a list of error messages
 associated with the field) as well as a ``html_error_list`` item, which is a
 ``<ul>`` of error messages. The above template uses these error items to
-display a simple error message next to each field.
+display a simple error message next to each field. The error list is saved as
+an ``error_dict`` attribute of the ``FormWrapper`` object.
 Using the ``ChangeManipulator``