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[soc2009/i18n] Refs #10891, fixed bug on blocktrans, that skipped translations of texts containing mac or dos end of lines.

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     translation object to use. If no current translation is activated, the
     message will be run through the default translation object.
+    eol_message = message.replace('\r\n', '\n').replace('\r', '\n')
     global _default, _active
     t = _active.get(currentThread(), None)
     if t is not None:
-        result = getattr(t, translation_function)(message)
+        result = getattr(t, translation_function)(eol_message)
         if _default is None:
             from django.conf import settings
             _default = translation(settings.LANGUAGE_CODE)
-        result = getattr(_default, translation_function)(message)
+        result = getattr(_default, translation_function)(eol_message)
     if isinstance(message, SafeData):
         return mark_safe(result)
     return result


 >>> print s
+Translations on files with mac or dos end of lines will be converted
+to unix eof in .po catalogs, and they have to match when retrieved
+>>> from django.utils.translation.trans_real import translation
+>>> ca_translation = translation('ca')
+>>> ca_translation._catalog[u'Mac\nEOF\n'] = u'Catalan Mac\nEOF\n'
+>>> ca_translation._catalog[u'Win\nEOF\n'] = u'Catalan Win\nEOF\n'
+>>> activate('ca')
+>>> ugettext(u'Mac\rEOF\r')
+u'Catalan Mac\nEOF\n'
+>>> ugettext(u'Win\r\nEOF\r\n')
+u'Catalan Win\nEOF\n'
+>>> deactivate()
 Localization of dates and numbers
 >>> import datetime