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[1.0.X] Fixed #9592 -- Create data for the generic_inline_admin test during setup instead of via a fixutre since it uses a content type id which will vary depending on what other tests have been run.

r9438 from trunk.

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-<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
-<django-objects version="1.0">
-    <object pk="1" model="generic_inline_admin.Episode">
-        <field type="CharField" name="name">This Week in Django</field>
-    </object>
-    <object pk="1" model="generic_inline_admin.Media">
-        <field type="ForeignKey" name="content_type">13</field>
-        <field type="PositiveIntegerField" name="object_id">1</field>
-        <field type="URLField" name="url"></field>
-    </object>


 from models import Episode, Media
 class GenericAdminViewTest(TestCase):
-    fixtures = ['users.xml', 'model-data.xml']
+    fixtures = ['users.xml']
     def setUp(self):
         # set TEMPLATE_DEBUG to True to ensure {% include %} will raise
         self.original_template_debug = settings.TEMPLATE_DEBUG
         settings.TEMPLATE_DEBUG = True
         self.client.login(username='super', password='secret')
+        # Can't load content via a fixture (since the GenericForeignKey
+        # relies on content type IDs, which will vary depending on what
+        # other tests have been run), thus we do it here.
+        e = Episode.objects.create(name='This Week in Django')
+        m = Media(content_object=e, url='')
     def tearDown(self):