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Fixed #1116 -- Fixed two typos in docs. Thanks, Cheng

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         the_place = meta.OneToOneField(places.Place)
 In the above example, each ``Place`` will have a ``get_restaurant()`` method,
-and each ``Restaurant`` will have a ``get_theplace()`` method.
+and each ``Restaurant`` will have a ``get_the_place()`` method.
 Many-to-one relations

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     directories, in this order:
         * ``/path/to/myproject/polls/templates/foo.html``
-        * ``/path/to/myproject/music/templates/music.html``
+        * ``/path/to/myproject/music/templates/foo.html``
     Note that the loader performs an optimization when it is first imported:
     It caches a list of which ``INSTALLED_APPS`` packages have a ``templates``