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Django documentation

.. rubric:: Everything you need to know about Django (and then some).

Getting help

Having trouble? We'd like to help!

* Try the :ref:`FAQ <faq-index>` -- it's got answers to many common questions.

* Looking for specific information? Try the :ref:`genindex`, :ref:`modindex` or
  the :ref:`detailed table of contents <contents>`.

* Search for information in the `archives of the django-users mailing list`_, or
  `post a question`_
* Ask a question in the `#django IRC channel`_, or search the `IRC logs`_ to see
  if its been asked before

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First steps

:ref:`Overview <intro-overview>`
    See what writing a database-driven application with Django looks like.
:ref:`Installation <intro-install>`
    Get Django installed on your computer.
Tutorial: Writing your first Django application

:ref:`Part 1 <intro-tutorial01>`
    Get set up, create models, and play with the database API.
:ref:`Part 2 <intro-tutorial02>`
    Explore the automatically-generated admin site.
:ref:`Part 3 <intro-tutorial03>`
    Write the public interface views.
:ref:`Part 4 <intro-tutorial04>`
    Learn how to process forms.
Using Django

:ref:`Models <topics-db-index>`
    Design a single, definitive source of data about your data.
:ref:`Handling web requests <topics-http-index>`
    Handle web requests, map them to views, and return pages.
:ref:`Forms <topics-forms-index>`
    Build and handle HTML forms.
:ref:`Templates <topics-templates>`
    Develop the visual design of your site.
And more:

    * :ref:`topics-auth`
    * :ref:`topics-cache`
    * :ref:`topics-email`
    * :ref:`topics-files`
    * :ref:`topics-i18n`
    * :ref:`topics-install`
    * :ref:`topics-pagination`
    * :ref:`topics-serialization`
    * :ref:`topics-settings`
    * :ref:`topics-signals`
    * :ref:`topics-testing`
Add-on ("contrib") applications

:ref:`Django's automatic admin site <ref-contrib-admin>`
    Get a clean interface to your data with no effort at all.
:ref:`Form tools <ref-contrib-formtools-index>`
    Easily handle complex form workflows.
:ref:`Syndication feeds <ref-contrib-syndication>`
    Generate RSS and Atom feeds of your data.
:ref:`"Local flavor" <ref-contrib-localflavor>`
    Give your site that special local touch.
And more:

    * :ref:`ref-contrib-comments-index`
    * :ref:`ref-contrib-contenttypes`
    * :ref:`ref-contrib-csrf`
    * :ref:`ref-contrib-databrowse`
    * :ref:`ref-contrib-flatpages`
    * :ref:`ref-contrib-humanize`
    * :ref:`ref-contrib-redirects`
    * :ref:`ref-contrib-sitemaps`
    * :ref:`ref-contrib-sites`
    * :ref:`ref-contrib-webdesign`

Solving specific problems

:ref:`Deployment <howto-deployment-index>`
    Release your project to the world.
:ref:`Importing data from legacy databases <howto-legacy-databases>`
    Use Django with an existing database or alongside other web development

:ref:`Custom template tags <howto-custom-template-tags>`
    Add your own extensions to Django's template language.
:ref:`Generating CSV <howto-outputting-csv>` & :ref:`PDF <howto-outputting-PDF>`
    Produce non-HTML content with Django.
And more:

    * :ref:`Authenticating in Apache <howto-apache-auth>`
    * :ref:`howto-custom-file-storage`
    * :ref:`howto-custom-management-commands`
    * :ref:`howto-custom-model-fields`
    * :ref:`howto-error-reporting`
    * :ref:`howto-initial-data`
    * :ref:`howto-jython`
    * :ref:`howto-static-files`


:ref:`Settings <ref-settings>`
    See all of Django's settings and what they do.
:ref:`Request & response objects <ref-request-response>`
    Understand the classes Django uses to represent HTTP requests and responses.

:ref:`Model API reference <ref-models-index>`
    Revel in the gory details of Django's model system.
:ref:`Form API reference <ref-forms-index>`
    Learn the details of forms, fields, and widgets.
And more:

    * :ref:`ref-databases`
    * :ref:`ref-django-admin`
    * :ref:`ref-files-index`
    * :ref:`ref-generic-views`
    * :ref:`ref-middleware`
    * :ref:`ref-templates-index`
    * :ref:`ref-unicode`
And all the rest

:ref:`Internals <internals-index>`
    Learn how Django works under the hood, and how you can contribute to the

:ref:`Release notes <releases-index>`
    See what is and was new in each release of Django.

:ref:`Miscellany <misc-index>`
    Stuff we can't find a more organized place for. Like that drawer in your
    kitchen with the scissors, batteries, and duct tape.