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The "django.contrib" add-ons

Django aims to follow Python's `"batteries included" philosophy`_. It ships
with a variety of extra, optional tools that solve common Web-development

This code lives in ``django/contrib`` in the Django distribution. Here's a
rundown of the packages in ``contrib``:

.. _"batteries included" philosophy:


The automatic Django administrative interface. For more information, see
`Tutorial 2`_.

.. _Tutorial 2: ../tutorial2/


Django's authentication framework.

See the `authentication documentation`_.

.. _authentication documentation: ../authentication/


A simple yet flexible comments system. This is not yet documented.


A light framework for hooking into "types" of content, where each installed
Django model is a separate content type. This is not yet documented.


A middleware for preventing Cross Site Request Forgeries

See the `csrf documentation`_.

.. _csrf documentation: ../csrf/


A set of high-level abstractions for Django forms (django.newforms).


An abstraction of the following workflow:

"Display an HTML form, force a preview, then do something with the submission."

Full documentation for this feature does not yet exist, but you can read the
code and docstrings in ``django/contrib/formtools/`` for a start.


A set of Django template filters useful for adding a "human touch" to data.
To activate these filters, add ``'django.contrib.humanize'`` to your
``INSTALLED_APPS`` setting. Once you've done that, use ``{% load humanize %}``
in a template, and you'll have access to these filters:


For numbers 1-9, returns the number spelled out. Otherwise, returns the
number. This follows Associated Press style.


    * ``1`` becomes ``'one'``.
    * ``2`` becomes ``'two'``.
    * ``10`` becomes ``10``.

You can pass in either an integer or a string representation of an integer.


Converts an integer to a string containing commas every three digits.


    * ``4500`` becomes ``'4,500'``.
    * ``45000`` becomes ``'45,000'``.
    * ``450000`` becomes ``'450,000'``.
    * ``4500000`` becomes ``'4,500,000'``.

You can pass in either an integer or a string representation of an integer.


Converts a large integer to a friendly text representation. Works best for
numbers over 1 million.


    * ``1000000`` becomes ``'1.0 million'``.
    * ``1200000`` becomes ``'1.2 million'``.
    * ``1200000000`` becomes ``'1.2 billion'``.

Values up to 1000000000000000 (one quadrillion) are supported.

You can pass in either an integer or a string representation of an integer.


Converts an integer to its ordinal as a string.


    * ``1`` becomes ``'1st'``.
    * ``2`` becomes ``'2nd'``.
    * ``3`` becomes ``'3rd'``.

You can pass in either an integer or a string representation of an integer.


A framework for managing simple "flat" HTML content in a database.

See the `flatpages documentation`_.

.. _flatpages documentation: ../flatpages/


A collection of various Django snippets that are useful only for a particular
country or culture. For example, ``django.contrib.localflavor.usa.forms``
contains a ``USZipCodeField`` that you can use to validate U.S. zip codes.


A collection of template filters that implement these common markup languages:

    * `Textile`_
    * `Markdown`_
    * `ReST (ReStructured Text)`_

For documentation, read the source code in django/contrib/markup/templatetags/

.. _Textile:
.. _Markdown:
.. _ReST (ReStructured Text):


A framework for managing redirects.

See the `redirects documentation`_.

.. _redirects documentation: ../redirects/


A light framework that lets you operate multiple Web sites off of the same
database and Django installation. It gives you hooks for associating objects to
one or more sites.

See the `sites documentation`_.

.. _sites documentation: ../sites/


A framework for generating Google sitemap XML files.

See the `sitemaps documentation`_.

.. _sitemaps documentation: ../sitemaps/


A framework for generating syndication feeds, in RSS and Atom, quite easily.

See the `syndication documentation`_.

.. _syndication documentation: ../syndication/

Other add-ons

If you have an idea for functionality to include in ``contrib``, let us know!
Code it up, and post it to the `django-users mailing list`_.

.. _django-users mailing list:
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