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Implemented and exported defaultCSRFRejectView

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 module Ella.Processors.Security ( signedCookiesProcessor
                                 , CSRFProtection(..)
                                 , mkCSRFProtection
+                                , defaultCSRFRejectView
 defaultCSRFRejectView :: View
-defaultCSRFRejectView = undefined -- TODO
+defaultCSRFRejectView req = return $ Just $ buildResponse [ addContent $ utf8 "<h1>403 Forbidden</h1>"
+                                                          , addContent $ utf8 "<p>CSRF protection triggered, request aborted"
+                                                          , setStatus 403
+                                                          ] utf8HtmlResponse
 -- | Creates a CSRFProtection object for the supplied options.
 mkCSRFProtection :: Cookie -- ^ cookie used for basis of CSRF cookie, must have at least 'name' set, 'value' and 'expires' will be overwritten
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