Export Trac wiki to Emacs org-mode files

The script is a fairly quick-and-dirty attempt to export a Trac wiki (which I'd been using as a personal wiki) to a set of version-controlled org-mode files.

It features:

  • attempt to convert Trac wiki syntax to org-mode syntax
  • mapping of CamelCase to better file names, with an easy method to customise
  • storing all past versions of pages in a Mercurial repo (though it should be very easy to add Git as an option).
  • use of python-creole to bulk of parsing, with some fairly hacky attempts to fix up the various ways that it fails to handle all of Trac wiki syntax.
  • some tweaks for my data that might not apply to other people's very well

Use at own risk! This might provide a good starter for someone doing something similar.

Code is public domain.


  • python-creole
  • pandoc