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questions = [["Name the best way of showing someone you love them", ["By kissing them", "By Hugging them", "Flowers", "Tell them", "Gifts/Presents"]], ["Name a method of self defence, be specific, if it's a martial art name it", ["Karate", "Kung Fu", "Tai Kwon Do", "Judo", "Run"]], ["Apart from clothes, name something you put on your body", ["Deodorant", "Perfume", "Cream/Lotion", "Make Up", "Powder"]], ["Name a male relative", ["Uncle", "Father", "Brother", "Grandfather", "Brother/Father in law"]], ["Name someone who wears headphones", ["DJ", "Pilot", "Singer", "Telephonist", "Commentator"]], ["Name a type of alarm", ["Fire", "Car", "Burglar", "Clock", "Personal"]], ["Name something you might wave at a football match", ["Flag", "Scarf", "Hand", "Hat", "Banner"]], ["Name something you wear that's made of metal", ["Ring", "Watch", "chain", "Bracelet", "Braces"]], ["Name something you might find on your doorstep", ["Mat", "Milk", "Newspaper", "Parcel", "Shoes"]], ["Name something you associate with aliens", ["Spaceship/UFO", "Outer Space", "Mars/Martian", "ET", "Green"]], ["Name something you might buy a box of when shopping", ["Chocolates", "Matches", "Cereal", "Tissues", "Biscuits"]], ["Name something you should take with you on a bicycle tour", ["Water/Drink", "Helmet", "Pump", "Map", "Backpack"]], ["Name something both men and women share in the bathroom", ["Soap", "Toothpaste", "Towels", "Shampoo", "Razor"]], ["Name something that is hard to keep clean", ["Car", "Shoes", "Bath/Shower", "Floor", "Teeth"]], ["Name something you might catch in a net", ["Fish", "Butterfly", "Crab", "Tennis Ball/Ball", "Shuttlecock"]], ["Name an authority figure", ["Police", "Boss/Manager", "Parent", "King or Queen", "Lawyer/judge"]], ["Name something you spread on toast", ["Butter", "Jam/Marmalade", "Honey", "Margarine", "Cheese"]], ["Name a seafood delicacy", ["Oyster", "Crab", "Lobster", "Caviar", "Prawns"]], ["Name a building you might see in a wild west town", ["Saloon/Hotel", "Bank", "Barber", "Sheriff's", "Blacksmiths"]], ["Name something you do to your finger nails", ["Bite/Chew them", "Cut them", "File them", "Paint them", "Wash/Clean them"]]];