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Name:           blog
Version:        0.1
Description:    Personal blog system
License:        BSD3
License-file:   LICENSE
Author:         Luke Plant
Cabal-Version:  >= 1.2
Build-Type:     Simple

Executable blog.cgi
        base == 4.*,
        haskell98 >= 1.0.1,
        HDBC-sqlite3 >= 2.1.0,
        HDBC >= 2.1.0,
        unix >=,
        bytestring >= 0.9.1,
        old-time >=,
        old-locale >=,
        MissingH >= 1.0.2,
        pandoc >= 1.8,
        pandoc-types >= 1.8,
        SHA >= 1.0.2,
        HStringTemplate >= 0.6.2,
        text >= 0.3,
        feed >= 0.3.7,
        time >= 1.1.2,
        xml >= 1.3.4,
        cgi >= 3000.0.0,
        ella >= 0.1.2
  Main-is: BlogCgi.hs
  hs-source-dirs: src
  ghc-options: -O2
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