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-module Main where
-import Database.HaskellDB
-import Database.HaskellDB.FieldType
-import Database.HaskellDB.DBSpec
-opts = DBOptions {useBString = False}
-blogdb = DBInfo {dbname = "ctest", opts = testopts, tbls = [blogtable]}
-blogtable = TInfo {tname = "blog", cols = []}
-idcol = CInfo {cname = "id", descr = ()}
-testcol11 = CInfo {cname = "ctestcol11", descr = (IntT,False)}
-testcol12 = CInfo {cname = "ctestcol12", descr = (BStrT 8,True)}
-testcol21 = CInfo {cname = "ctestcol21", descr = (BStrT 6,False)}
-testcol22 = CInfo {cname = "ctestcol22", descr = (IntT,True)}
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