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Fixes for test set up

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File src/Blog/settingslocal.hs

 prog_uri = "/cgi-bin/blog.cgi" -- Used for redirecting
 -- Testing
-testdb_sqlite_path = "/home/luke/devel/haskell/haskellblog/testsuite/test.db"
+testdb_sqlite_path = "/home/luke/devel/haskell/blog/testsuite/test.db"
 -- Migration time settings:

File testsuite/

 DIR=`dirname $0`
+rm $DIR/test.db 2> /dev/null
 runhaskell -i$DIR/tests:$DIR/../src $DIR/tests/Main.hs

File testsuite/tests/Tests/Blog/TestDB.hs

 import Database.HDBC.Sqlite3 (connectSqlite3)
 import qualified Blog.Settings as Settings
+-- TODO - make testdb_sqlite_path into a command-line argument so that
+-- the tests can be run without having to change the settings
 connect = connectSqlite3 Settings.testdb_sqlite_path