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Added link to admin edit page from individual post page.

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File src/Blog/Views.hs

                         ("commentExtra", commentExtra)
                         ("atomfeedurl", postCommentFeedUrl post)
                         ("atomfeedtitle", "Atom feed for comments in this post")
+                        ("editpageurl", adminEditPostUrl post)
     handleUserComment cn post req =

File src/templates/

 <h1>403 Forbidden</h1>
-<p>Permission denied.  You may need to <a href="/blog/login/">login</a></p>
+<p>Permission denied.  You may need to <a href="/blog/login/?r=$currentpath$">login</a></p>

File src/templates/

         <a href="/blog/login/">Login</a><br/>
         <a href="/blog/logout/">Logout</a><br/>
         <a href="/blog/admin/">Admin</a><br/>
+        $if(editpageurl)$
+          <a href="$editpageurl$">Edit</a><br/>
+        $endif$
       <div id="responsebox" style="display:none;">