Augie Fackler committed 527c2e4

--outgoing: adjust to work with new discovery code

Inspired in part by a patch from Luke Plant <>.

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             # hg >= 1.6
             revs, checkout = hg.addbranchrevs(repo, repo, revs, None)
             other = hg.repository(hg.remoteui(repo, opts), dest)
-            try:
-                # hg >= 1.9
-                findoutgoing = discovery.findcommonoutgoing
-            except AttributeError:
-                findoutgoing = discovery.findoutgoing
+            # hg >= 1.9
+            findoutgoing = getattr(discovery, 'findoutgoing', None)
+            if findoutgoing is None:
+                def findoutgoing(repo, other, force=False):
+                    common, outheads = discovery.findcommonoutgoing(
+                        repo, other, [], force=force)
+                    return repo.changelog.findmissing(common, outheads)[0:1]
             other = hg.repository(ui, dest)
             def findoutgoing(repo, other, force=False):
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