Kio-Sword - a lightweight frontend for the 
		Sword Bible project for KDE

Copyright (C) 2004-2006 Luke Plant <>

This project is 'dead', meaning:

* It has not been updated for KDE 4, and the sole developer has no plans to do so.
* Old versions are not being maintained in any way.

It is kept here only for historical interest (!). If anyone wishes to take this
project on, please contact the author above.

See file INSTALL.

Using kio-sword
Type 'sword:/' in a Konqueror window location bar, and 
browse.  Help files can be found at sword:/?help (currently
quite incomplete).

o  KDE 3
o  Sword 1.5.7
o  for compiling from source, the header files for the above 
   libraries are also needed.
o  Sword modules installed (kio-sword isn't very useful 
   without them)

GNU General Public License v2 or later. See file COPYING 
for details.