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     comment: The church is God's people, specially chosen for the purpose of worshipping and declaring him
+# bible: Amos 3:6 - God is the great cause, even of disaster
 # 2 Tim 2:25 - God grants repentance
 # Acts 18:27 - God gives faith
 # Lots about brotherly love
 # Worship - Romans 11:33-36, Revelation 5
+# "This is the new covenant in my blood"
+# God's character - knowledge, unchangeability
+# Christ's work - propitiation, intercession
+# angels, demons, Satan
+# Romans 3:21-26 - massively important passage - God's justice, Christ as propitiation
+# Christ's Return - factual statement
+# Kingdom of God
+# Church leadership
+# Isaiah 49:15-16
+# Isaiah 1:18
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