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 {-# OPTIONS_GHC -fglasgow-exts -XOverloadedStrings #-}
+--- A simple CGI app designed to handle a personal mailing list
+--- The public interface is simply 'yes' and 'no' links in emails.
+--- Anyone invited to the list needs to be sent an email with
+--- appropriate URLs for them to click.  These URLs are of the form
+--- http://something.com/yes/<id>/
+--- and
+--- http://something.com/no/<id>/
+--- where <id> is a random alphanumeric id stored in the DB.
+--- The 'admin' interface consists of URLs that can be posted to (with
+--- an appropriate password) to add/remove entries from the database,
+--- or just confirm/remove those entries from being on the list.  It
+--- is intended that this interface is accessed using curl or a
+--- similar utility -- there is no HTML interface (yet).
+--- For retrieving the list of 'yes' people, the only method currently
+--- is to download the SQLite database.
 import Ella.Framework
 import Ella.Request (getPOST)
 import Ella.Response
 -- Settings
+-- Change these!
 sqlite_path = "/home/luke/httpd/lukeplant.me.uk/web/cgi-bin/data/addresses.db"
 access_password = "mypassword"