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Luke Plant  committed 159974e

Fix for newer version of Banshee

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File CHANGES.rst

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 * Fixed some Python 3 incompatibilities
 * Fixed crash if DBus library is not installed
+* Fixed support for newer version of Banshee
 Version 0.5

File playerdo/backends/banshee.py

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 from playerdo.backends.base import Player
-from playerdo.utils import process_retval, process_stdout
+from playerdo.utils import process_retval, process_stdout, program_running
 class Banshee(Player):
     process_name = "banshee-1"
     friendly_name = "Banshee"
+    def is_running(self):
+        return program_running("banshee-1") or program_running("banshee")
     def is_stopped(self):
         return process_stdout(["banshee", "--query-current-state"]).strip() \
             ==  "current-state: idle"